Katy Jobbins, Founder & Master Trainer of the Multi-Award Winning Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

Its no secret that UK based Katy Jobbins used to be of the youngest Permanent Makeup Master Trainers in the world.  However this never stopped her scooping a large number of national awards including the:

  • 2016 Named ‘Best Specialist Business & Marketing Training’ – UK,
  • 2015 Voted ‘Health & Beauty Training Program of the Year’ – UK,
  • 2015 Global Business Award Winner for ‘Outstanding Educational Service’,
  • 2014 Named ‘Overall Sussex Woman of the Year’,
  • 2014 ‘Success Story of the Year’ Winner,
  • 2013 Winner of ‘Woman of the Year in the Hair & Beauty Industry’,
  • the Award for ‘Innovation in Training’ at the 2012 Business Matters Awards,
  • the 2010 Creme de la Creme award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Her Field of Business‘, previously won by billionaire Sir Richard Branson &
  • the 2009 Award for ‘Best Customer Focus’ at the National Best Business Awards.

Katy is also an Author & the resident permanent makeup expert on the Advice panel for top industry magazine ‘Salon Today’ & in 2013 was quoted in the Guild News as a ‘YouTube Training Sensation’.

Katy has personally performed over 12,000 permanent makeup procedures to date and trained & educated thousands of permanent makeup technicians worldwide via her books, DVDs, Audio CD interviews, Membership Sites & Online Tutorials. She also has a black book of ‘A’ List Celebrity Clients.


Katy Jobbins

Multi-Award Winning Industry Expert, Author, Founder & Head Trainer of the
Permanent Makeup Training Academy.


Here Are Just A Few More Quick Facts About Katy:

  1. An Artist Background who is able to share lesser known colour mixing techniques
  2. Willingness to share advanced technical information not normally taught
  3. Personally trained with some of the top technicians in the world.  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Dubai and many more.
  4. Used to run over 50 exclusive permanent makeup treatment clinics nationwide including, those in Harley Street, &  being recommended by Multi-Toni & Guy hair salons & those of the ‘Nations Favorite Hairdresser.’
  5. She has trained top celebrity tattooists, Cristian Dior makeup artists, Doctors, Nurses & Cosmetic Dentists in the art of Permanent Makeup, international tv personalities as well as training world famous Harrods Makeup Artists.
  6. She was personally approached by top Para-Medical Cancer Care Specialists to train them in her personal style of Natural Hair Simulation Eyebrows for their patients.
A Personal Note From Katy…

I Am Going To Share 4 Secrets With You…

  • There are specific things that some of the best permanent makeup artists on the planet know but don’t necessarily tell you..such as where you can find the best clients for permanent eyebrows.
  • Some permanent makeup trainers don’t tell you all they know…because you didn’t know to ask and they didn’t think to tell.  I am going to be very open and honest to you in exactly what it is you need to know.
  • Other permanent artists will tell you what they learned from their training experiences, such as theory & technique, but if they have never implemented these ideas themselves, they lack the understanding of how to master the art of creating perfect eyebrows.  I will take you through the techniques I use every day in my clinics and training company in a step-by-step easy to learn orderly manner
  • Some trainers who do not actively run their own permanent makeup clinics, lack the knowledge and understanding of dealing with real clients (they are only used to working on non-paying models), on a day to day basis, that their training process is like the blind leading the blind.

Why is Katy Willing To Help Other Students Who Haven’t Personally Trained With Her … Giving Away all Her Permanent Makeup Secrets???

Quite frankly she feels pain when well intending permanent make up artists continue to perform inadequate procedures on their poor clients just because they didn’t know any better and could not find access to the training they need. (She knows, because, she used to be one of these technicians!)

If you want in-depth, rock solid information as well as tips, tricks, trade secrets, tried and tested techniques and formulas that will make your clients line up and practically beg you for Permanent Makeup appointments then you have come to the right place!!!

Katy has had her own personal problems within the permanent makeup industry, having a backlash from other trainers, having achieved a lot of success at such a young age in a relatively short period of time.

She was devastated when she was banned from training any further from 2 major training companies as well as one of her own personal permanent makeup hero’s in the UK, due to them not wanting to share their secrets or training anymore with her after she created her own successful training academy.

Although flattering that they saw her and her The Permanent Makeup Training Academy as such a threat to their business, it inadvertently turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened to her.

Because of these problems, Katy had to go further afield, finding the best individual technicians that would not know her or see her as a competitor to their business for the level of training she desired.

Who Is Best Suited …

It doesn’t even matter if you are already the best permanent makeup artist in the world then I advise you still to get your pencil, note-pad and highlighter pen out and absorb these points like a thirsty sponge!!!

You are going to get access to information and mentoring support in a systematic way, which you can put into practice immediately to ensure the response from your clients becomes as predictable to you as the sun that rises every day…


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